Marbeya Sound was born out of the undercurrent of electronic music flowing through Mexico City, the fruit of a meeting of minds between two musicians who realized a common interest after a chance encounter in a hotel lobby along the golden coast lines of Acapulco. A collection of soviet era synthesizers collected by the pair during their DJ excursions throughout central and south America were put to task creating a unique aesthetic for Marbeya inspired by the notions of space and water that marked their initial surroundings before moving the project back to the fast paced surroundings of Mexico City’s Roma district. With a 5 years trajectory, now they arrive with their first album “Colonies”.  Colonies is an instrumental album that captures all your senses transporting you to an imaginary world, in some cases utilizing up to 80 channels in a single song to achieve it.  It’s na LP extremely cinematic, full of auditory emotions, with the potential of scoring any story, a mixture between Pink Floyd, Neu! and Jean Michel Jarre in a single disk…